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What are the features of the Womb chair, and why is it always recommended to buy it?

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womb chair replica womb chair & ottoman leather womb chair womb chair sale womb chair dimensions womb chair alternative womb chair toronto womb chair dwrThe history of the Womb chair and the story it has in its heart

In 1946, this beautiful chair was designed by Eero Saarinen, a Finnish architect and furniture designer. The designer of this chair is one of the pioneers in the field of modern design in the middle of the century. He was a talented and intelligent man who made comfortable furniture and designed furniture pieces well. Saarinen's projects reflect his particular ideas and innovations and show his art.

In 1943 he collaborated with Knoll, and Florence Knoll asked him to design a comfortable chair with pillows all over. Thus, the design of the Womb chair was completed in 1948.

What was the purpose of the Womb chair?

The purpose of the Womb chair design was to provide the best position for relaxation without detracting from the aesthetic elements of the chair. So he designed a chair that is both comfortable and beautiful.

Why do most people enjoy designing this chair?




The design of this chair has maintained its classic look since then, and the Womb chair has become one of the most favourite chairs for many people around the world.

Do you know the reason for naming this chair Womb chair?

 In fact, this name refers to the mother's womb, and the reason for this title is its excessive comfort. As the fetus in the mother's womb feels calm and comfortable.

What material is used to make this chair?

The floor of the chair is made of fibreglass, and the fabric used for its cover is of high quality. The one-piece form and the overall fabric cover make it completely easy for you to sit still.

This chair is a classic chair, and you feel uniquely comfortable when you sit on it because the body is completely surrounded by its pillows. The interior of the chair is made of moulded plywood and has a floor cushion on it.

The bases of this chair are made of steel rods, and their colour is usually chrome or black, which you can choose the desired colour according to your type of decoration. You can decide on the fabric of the chair and choose it according to the interior decoration of your home or office.

Womb chair and three different sizes

This chair has a superior feature, and that is that it is offered in 3 sizes (small, medium and large), and the strongest materials are used to make it.

As we mentioned, the Womb chair is available in 3 sizes, and you should buy a suitable chair for your body and weight.

If you want to buy a big chair, pay attention to these sizes:

A large Womb Chair 35 1/2″ tall with a seat height of 16″ and arm height of 20 1/2″, with a large ottoman 16″ tall.

If you want to buy a medium chair, pay attention to these sizes:

A medium Womb Chair: 31 1/4″ tall with a seat height of 15″ and arm height of 18″, with a medium Ottoman 14 1/2″ tall.

If you want to buy a small chair, pay attention to these sizes:

A small Womb Chair 27 1/4″ H tall with a seat height of 14 1/2″ and arm height of 17″. This small Womb Chair didn't come with a small ottoman.

The critical point is that the Womb chair also has a GREENGUARD internal quality certificate.

Consider these two points before buying a Womb chair

  1. Evaluate the chair aesthetically

  The shape of the Womb chair is very organic. This comfortable chair shows the modern creativity of the Middle Ages. So its appearance is different from the chairs you have used so far. Before you buy this type of chair, you should like its appearance and make sure that it matches the interior of your workplace or home.

  1. Pay attention to the size of the chair.

  Since the Womb chair comes in 3 different sizes, you need to be sure which of the small, medium, and large sizes is best suited for your body structure. If you do not choose a chair according to your body size, you can not enjoy the comfort of the chair enough.

If you use the Womb chair in the following interior design styles, you will have excellent decoration.

What is the fabric of the seat cover?

Most of the Womb chairs you see on the market are upholstered in wool. If you are a fan of leather chairs, do not worry at all because you will also find leather upholstered Womb chairs in the market. Of course, keep in mind that leather upholstery usually becomes patina and wear after a while and may have a negative effect on the appearance of the chair and reduce the beauty and splendour of your chair.

modern decoration

The organic form of the Womb chair is suitable for any modern interior and will give a great effect to your decoration space. The colourful upholstery and its unique shape make this chair a very special chair.

Eclectic decoration style

Eclectic decoration style always breaks the decoration style rules, and uses this type of chair in this artistic decoration space is a unique choice. In general, an eclectic interior design, the place of a womb chair seems empty because the presence of this chair makes your decoration space more attractive.


If your home decor style is contemporary, be sure to use Womb chairs in your interior decoration. Womb chair has a unique beauty. So the presence of this chair in modern decoration looks stunning and very special.

Have you ever seen Womb Chair in commercials and movies?

The Womb chair has been used in many movies, and you can see it in many movie productions such as The Moon is Blue, Torch Song and Down with Love.

You should know about the cushions of this chair, they are designed in such a way that they are detachable and follow all safety and fire regulations, and no chemicals are used in their construction.

The use of this chair is highly recommended for sunny rooms and will immerse you in peace. Also, note that if you keep pets and young children in your home, buying this chair is not an obstacle for you, and you can use it easily.

summary and Conclusion

In this article, we provide a complete description of the material used to make the Womb chair.

If by reading this article, you realize the necessity of having one or more Womb chairs in your home or workplace, it is better to buy this beautiful and practical chair right now.

By buying and using this chair, in addition to experiencing a feeling of calm and comfort, you can also help improve your home decoration.

The design of this chair is unique and has maintained its popularity since the making of this product.

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